Life Matters. Always.

Life Matters. Always.

January 20 is Sanctity of Life Sunday. This year I’m struck that Jesus is more radically pro-life than I am. Following Jesus leads me to think comprehensively about valuing life than I typically do. Through the mission budget, NPC supports Pregnancy Decision Health Center (PDHC), a ministry providing counsel and material support to moms and couples making decisions in the face of an unplanned pregnancy. You can learn more about PDHC at the table in our lobby today. I’m glad for this partnership and am glad we can highlight it today.

One risk of a Sunday like Sanctity of Life Sunday is defining my pro-life commitments more narrowly than Jesus’ pro-life commitments.

John the gospel writer describes Jesus, God’s Word Incarnate, categorically as the source of all life: “without him was not any thing made that was made.” This reminds me to value human life at each moment of existence within and beyond pregnancy, from birth to death.

As such, Jesus expands my definition of being pro-life to include, for example:
• Volunteering in the nursery so that the parents and siblings of a newborn can hear Jesus’ words of eternal life. How many eternities of children has God changed because their parents heard the gospel preached while a stranger cared for them!
• Championing foster and adoptive parents who stand in the gap for others.
• Mentoring a young student so that student’s educational and vocational prospects improve.
• Affirming the pro-life ministry of student ministry workers – paid and volunteer – who champion the gospel in conversations that cause teens to think about and apply the gospel.
• Visiting the sick, providing a meal for the recuperating or caring for the homeless as vibrant pro-life statements in a culture that celebrates youth and fitness.
• Sharing the gospel personally with others so that God’s message of eternal life can be known?

Jesus pushes me further. Jesus is also pro the lives of friends who feel like strangers and unlovely on a Sanctity of Life Sunday. Jesus is pro the life of a father or mother who chose to terminate a pregnancy. Jesus is pro the life of a doctor who chose to provide that service. Jesus is not less for them than any who have sinned, fall short of God’s glory and are justified by his grace as a gift (Romans 3.23-24). Each of God’s adopted sons and daughters are blood-cleansed, grace drenched creatures.

Would you join me in praying for an increasingly pro-life view that is as big as Jesus’ power, love and grace?

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