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Don’t Box Up Christmas Yet

My parents were of two minds regarding Christmas decorations: one parent couldn’t wait to get the tree to the curb and restore order to the home.  The other parent was content to let lights flash through January.  Personally, I’m fine … Continue reading

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Jesus Reflects On His Birth

This Christmas season I’ve been drawn to an event at the end of Jesus’ earthly ministry where Jesus reflects on the purpose for his birth.  Betrayed by a friend and arrested by the religious authorities, Jesus is on trial before … Continue reading

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Fourth Point: The Death of Innovation

“you shall bruise his heel and he shall bruise your head.” -Genesis 3.15 Chapter 3 is a swirl of curse:  endless toil, pain in childbirth, power struggles, enmity with the world, a return to dust.  And yet, there is in … Continue reading

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